We are BlvDave

we love building apps
we are crazy coders
we love pizza
we specialize in iOS
we are creative

What do we offer?

We offer a whole lot! We cover every process of app development, from consultancy to design, implementation, and even maintenance. We can tell you which app is best to create based on your objectives or marketing strategies. We can give you games, finance, entertainment, fitness, and productivity apps, just to name a few.

We deal with all types of operating systems and app stores.

Google Android

Android is a very popular operating system, and it has a high volume of sales on mobile devices, both tablets and phones. It definitely makes perfect sense to create an app for the Android platform. But what should it be? How do you design it? We can surely help you answer all those questions and much more.

Apple iOS

Who hasn’t heard of the iPhone and the iPad? Apple just released iOS 12, and announced the world it’s 64bit architecture for mobile operating systems. We are ready to develop your apps using the brand new 64bit technologies, and can guarantee to design apps which will easily pass Apples high standards.

Theme apps

Whether you’re looking for a game, productivity, or education app, you can count on us to help you create something unique, captivating, and functional.


We can also create an app you can conveniently add to the overall functionality and design of your website. If you have specific mobile devices in mind, we can work around that as well.

BlvdAve is a collaborator, and we’re more than happy to be.